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Facebook has worldwide traffic in billions, which is a tremendous community point. That’s why Facebook introduced a Facebook Marketplace feature that was mainly helpful for small businesses.

Still, it enhanced its standard with time and benefited almost all world regions. Facebook Marketplace UK is part of Facebook Marketplace that you can access if you are a resident of the UK.

This allows you to expand your business all around the UK without paying a single dollar. You can freely access and manage settings to share your business products to sell them online. It is also a tremendous idea if you consider linking your e-commerce store with it.

It’s also famous among all Britons because it’s an easy-to-access and trustful platform. Further, you can also make face-to-face meetings to ensure the safety of your buying or selling.

This guide is all about it, and we will also share how you can share your products through Facebook Marketplace UK. Further, we also take a look at its rules and regulations.

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace UK? Step By Step Guide

These simple steps can lead you to sell on Facebook Marketplace UK. So, let’s start.

Get Into Account

To start it, you have to get into the Facebook community. For it, you have to log in with the help of your existing account or register a new account through the sign-up process.

Extra Tip: 

If you have an old account, please use it and don’t go to create a new one. It will give you an authority that can enhance your chances of winning a deal.

Open Facebook Marketplace

After getting in, you have to access the marketplace. You can find it with the help of a sidebar on the upper left side.

Set Location

The next important thing is to select the region where you want to sell. Here, you can choose any specific state or specific region of the state. If you ship or sell your product all over the UK, you can select the UK as the location.

Despite this, if you can ship your product in just a city, you must choose it and don’t select all the UK. This choice will minimize or maximize your audience. Whatever region you choose, you will get the audience from that specific place.

Here, you also have to set other preferences regarding your product.

Create Listing

This process is lengthy but is the most important thing to learn. It is because a single mistake in this process can decrease your sales.

1.       To start the listing process, open the “sell” option and create your listing.

2.       Next, you have to choose a category for your listing. It will be according to your product. For example, you must select the digital products category if you sell earbuds. This is helpful because it will redirect the audience that suits your category.

3.       It’s time to add images of your product. Facebook marketplace allows you to add almost 10 images for a single listing.


So, get benefit from it and add all images with different angles. This will provide all possible physical information to the buyer. For example, he will know all about the design or any likely physical disability.

4.       Now, add an attractive title. Also, add a bio with all possible details about the product. You can add details about your product’s brand or physical attributes here.

Extra Tip:

Please make sure that you add worthy information; the client will surely need it. For example, adding the product’s brand name and physical conditions is worth adding. Be honest and provide the correct details.

5.       It’s time to set the price for your product. Always set that price that suits your product, and never set high costs that may lead to customer loss.

Extra Tip:

You can minimize your benefit to a lower-than-market, leading you to get more sales.

6.       Now, you have approached the crucial step. It’s time to add an area to your listing. Don’t worry about your address because Facebook will never reveal your actual address to customers.

7.       Always provide the correct details, or you can add any specific area where you want to sell your product. It is because Facebook Marketplace UK tries to offer you the exact audience that suits your area. You may also find your local person as your buyer.

8.       The final step is launching or publishing your listing. It is because the Facebook marketplace will review and post your listing if you follow their rules and regulations.

Communicate With Customers- Sell Your Product

  1. After revising and publishing, you will receive messages from customers interested in your product. You have to negotiate with them and answer their questions.
  2. They will not ask many questions because no one has enough time. Answer them and negotiate if they want to bargain at a price.
  3. Most buyers ask about payment methods and do the deal. So, always be ready with your payment methods and when the customer will come, provide details and finalize the order.
  4. You can manage both payment methods online or face-to-face. Choose what suits you.
  5. The process is over because you have made a sale, but something is more for you. Always provide your customer positive feedback as a trusted buyer, and he will also provide you with the same feedback. This way, you will get the trust of the marketplace and the subsequent buyers.

Items For Sale On Facebook Marketplace UK

Only some items are restricted that you cannot sell on Facebook Marketplace UK. For example, adult toys, human parts, drugs, virtual currency, and gambling services are some of these items that you cannot sell.

Despite this, all items we will mention below are legal to sell here.

1.    Electronics

It’s the most trending category of selling items on Facebook Marketplace UK because these products are needed for daily use. Phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, camera gear, and home appliances are all available.

2.    Clothing

In clothing, you can sell all items that you can use. Shirts, hoodies, and child clothing are the main items sold regularly.

3.    Properties

Selling and buying property through Facebook Marketplace UK is an easy and free-of-cost way to reach clients. Despite this, it is also available to provide or access property on rent.

4.    Furniture Or Home Decor

The most trending category after the above-mentioned is it. This category includes sofas, tables, chairs, cabinets, dressers, bookshelves, artwork, and lighting.

5.    Vehicles

Property vehicles are also costly products and have an audience on the marketplace looking for buying and selling services. Facebook Marketplace UK is accessible without paying a cent, but it does not mean it has no worth.

Despite them, you can sell all kinds of items, from baby toys to health products, that are legal and do not feel unethical. Furthermore, according to Facebook, you can check their restricted item list to know all about these unethical items.

Facebook Marketplace UK Rules

These are some rules and regulations set by Facebook Marketplace UK. You must follow them strictly if you want to be a good seller.

Restricted Items

Below is a list of restricted items that are unfair to sell.

1.       Drugs and medical devices

2.       Counterfeit or replica items (Fake)

3.       Stolen property

4.       Firearms and ammunition

5.       Adult Toys

6.       Alcohol

7.       Digital subscriptions or accounts

8.       Event tickets

Fake Information

A buyer must provide accurate information about the product and his profile. If Facebook Marketplace UK acknowledges you are not providing accurate information, it can ban your account without warning.

No Intolerance

This rule is essential because Facebook keeps everyone from pointing out other dissimilarities. You can talk about buying or selling. If you make any chat regarding racism, gender, or religion, you can also get banned from Facebook.

Despite this, all rules are standard, and no one disobeys them, such as being above them for 18 years.

Facebook Marketplace London, UK,

Facebook Marketplace London, UK, is just like other marketplaces. Mainly, the marketplace is the only Facebook marketplace. These are the locations of this marketplace. For example, if you are living in the US, you will buy and sell at Facebook Marketplace US, and it is because that’s your region of living.

The Facebook Marketplace in London, UK, also refers to this marketplace in London, UK. You can buy and sell all your legal products through it in London, UK.

So, there is no need to get depressed because it’s just a query that helps people fetch their region’s products. You can also buy or sell almost every product, from clothing to electronics.


Facebook Marketplace UK is a fantastic way to enhance your online product-selling business without paying a cent, but you can boost your sales by using Facebook ads or campaigns. You must provide listing details, target your audience, register a budget-friendly plan, and accept it. This way, Facebook will help you by showing your campaign to your target audience and fetching many buyers through these ads.

Further, online scams or fraud is not a new term. You have to be mindful while making a sale and focus on the wording of your buyer to know if he is a legit person or a scammer. You should never make your deal if you feel you are making a deal with a fraud person.

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